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Thread: Voting has closed in AW writing Contest!! Thanks All!

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    Voting has closed in AW writing Contest!! Thanks All!

    Amazing, astonishing, mind-blowing....

    All of the AW February poetry contest entries are in, and I've never seen so many entries in an AW poetry contest before!

    Voting has begun and we desperately need your vote!

    Please, Please, take a few minutes of your time and send Ambrosia your pick for your top three poems via Private Message:

    How to Vote
    The poems are posted at this link:
    Contest Entries here (password: citrus)

    First: Read them all!!!

    Second: begin the nearly maddening challenge of picking your top three from all of the entries!

    Third: send Ambrosia your vote via Private Message!
    (one vote per current AW member in good standing)

    The subject line of your PM to Ambrosia should read:

    In the body of the message, include three votes in your voting order, from first to third. List both the poem number and the title. For example:

    9. Flying Pigs
    2. Falling Stars
    5. Beauty's Breath

    Voting closes at 11:59PM US Eastern on February 29, 2012. Any votes received after that time will not count, even in your dreams.

    Ambrosia will then post complete results with vote totals for every entry, and announce the winners.

    *Warning: Picking your top three favorites out of all of these amazing entries may be terribly stressful to your brain's functionality. Smoke may begin to pour out of your ears, hair may feel uncomfortable and in need of pulling, foreheads may find a sudden attraction to desktops. To avoid these side affects - PM me for a ready-made ballot.
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