Has anyone out there had any experiences with getlegal.com or the attorney store? It is run by Akhil Saklani. They sell websites and copy to attorneys.

I was hired as a freelancer to write attorney blog posts for them. The agreement was that I would reduce my rate by 40% based on volume, would bill once a month and be paid 30 - 45 days from date of invoice.

Well the volume never materialized, but they only paid the lower rate, they NEVER paid on time, and I was always having to chase down payment which then took anywhere from a few days to a few weeks to get the check.

Now they are not paying me at all. Not responding to my calls or emails. Nor have they sent a 1099 which was due last week. I spoke to a friend of mine who also does work with them (non writing) and they owe her thousands.

If you are offered work by them, I'd advise you to stay away or make them pay you half up front or something to cover yourself.

I'd like to know too if anyone is in my position. They owe me about $1500 and I know they have already sold the content to the attorneys even though they haven't paid me.

I'd appreciate any advice anyone has out there. Not sure what to do. Wait it out or try to pressure them for payment.

Thanks in advance.