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Thread: The Alliance of Independent Authors

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    The Alliance of Independent Authors

    Not sure if this is the right place, please move if necessary.

    The organisation intends to have an international membership, and hopes to attract 500 members in its first year, organising a biannual conference and monthly meetings for members, as well as providing a helpline, newsletters, and advice on issues such as payment and contracts. It will be funded by membership fees.
    Ross previously ran writing school and literary agency Font in Dublin, and published two novels with Penguin before becoming a self-published author.
    SoA deputy general secretary Kate Pool said that increasing numbers of their traditionally published members now also sometimes self-publish. Self-published authors can join the SoA as associates, becoming eligible for full membership if they sell more than 200 copies a year, or if they are also published traditionally.

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    British Agency to rep SP authors for translation rights

    The Alliance of Independent Authors has enlisted the help of agency A M Heath to represent writers looking for their work to be translated.
    The association for self-published authors has secured the services of A M Heath's rights director Jennifer Custer to represent writers who have books suitable for international markets.
    Orna Ross, the founder of the AIA, said it was the first time such an agreement had been made between a literary agency and self-publishers' group.
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