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Thread: Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software

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    Fade In Professional Screenwriting Software

    I was looking around to see what was new with screenplay software, and I found Fade In Pro. I've just been playing with the demo briefly, but it looks like it has everything I want for writing spec scripts on Linux. I also found a free one called Trelby.

    I'm surprised that no one has mentioned these here before.
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    Likely because Linux is not the most common O/S most people utilize.

    I saw one new product this year which looks decent: 'Snowflake' ($100). Taken from the 'Snowflake method' (search web to learn more).

    Basically, just an organizational method which combines synopsis with drafts. But probably pretty useful for beginners.
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    Dear colleagues.

    I am very interested to invest into Fade In software.
    However, does anyone knows are Croatian characters supported within the software if my keyboard is set to Croatian?
    I guess software will probably take input from any type of keyboard or character codes that are set, but asking just in case.

    Best wishes.

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    I don't have Fade In installed so I don't know the answer. Why not download the demo version from the download page and see how that works for you?

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