Just thought I'd add it here, but for as homogenous a country as mine, it was really quite refreshing that Lola Odusoga was chosen Miss Finland in 1996 and Miss Scandinavia in 1997. This in a culture where most of the beauty pageants are blonde and blue-eyed. And she's still probably the most famous and loved model/Miss Finland winner over here even though her brand of beauty might really not be considered mainstream around here in general. Though I believe the beauty ideal really isn't that narrowed anymore around here. Now we also have a non-blonde Miss Finland, Sara Chafak, and she's just adored by the media. Of course it's always quite dubious when a woman's worth is measured in looks, but... you know, just to add some examples here that even the dark north is little by little becoming less narrow-eyed when it comes to beauty ideals xP