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Thread: [Display site]!

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    Is this thing on? Axordil's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
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    [Display site]!

    I didn't see a thread on them, at least not by that name. I'm disturbed by the artwork choices at the bottom of their front page, which I'm pretty sure they Trestle'd.

    Note--it's a non-paying market, so this might not be a high-priority issue.
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    Just a note, the website's link is indeed,

    Duotrope listing - Statistics within immediately suggest my following post is quite wrong. I will leave it because of the impression I received. The impression may or may not be valid.

    Note from submission guidelines about the state of a submitted short:
    Completely ready to print - properly formatted with no typos, grammar or syntax issues. We suggest having someone proofread your manuscripts. We will not edit your work.
    Amateurs. This and this alone is enough for me to walk away and never look back.

    They only care about the writer because of this. It disregards the reader. Any remotely respectable editor or press or magazine wouldn't let a work near their readers until it was perfect for what they publish.

    That tells me that they don't even have an editor... or standards.

    This seems to support that comment:
    Read the Author Contract. This states the terms and conditions of publication. When you submit your story include the words, "I agree to the terms of publication".
    Sounds like everyone is accepted. Regardless of whether this is true, I am already heading in the opposite direction.

    And that doesn't mean they are bad people at all. Far from it. It just means I don't buy it.
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    Are they a display site, or an ezine? I admit I only gave their website a quick glance. Long enough to see this:


    Best Stories on the Web
    We publish original Short Stories written by accomplished authors from around the globe. Please sign up for our free email subscription service at to have them emailed to you. You can unsubscribe at any time, but we'll bet you won't want to!

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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    No payment, "published" as is, plus a fee for being "featured" equals display site in my book.

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    Is this thing on? Axordil's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Black Creek Bottoms, MO
    Maybe they're a floor wax AND a dessert topping?

    Evidently if you want your story "featured" there's a fee. The only perk I see for featuring is being in a green box in the corner, unless it also means they send it out to everyone on the sub list.
    Writing without reading is like juggling without catching.

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    Doing the Space Operatic Izz's Avatar
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    They used to pay a token rate of $10 per story. They don't appear to any more, however. I had a story published with them back when they paid, and i can confirm they do no editing.


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