Okay, so most of you are writers and not musicians.

This is the place to tell us about all your trials and tribulations with whatever goals you have this month.

Yes, it is February! Woo!

Me? I start Uni on the 27th of this month, and am doing FAWM, a music competition. 14 + 1/2 songs in 29 days. (Generally it's 14 in 28, but this is a leap year.)

I only just found out that the 1/2 song is supposed to be a collaboration with someone else, which answers that question.

So... I need to write 14 + 1/2 songs before Uni starts, and also manage to fit in a 4-day holiday starting on the 3rd. Oh, and it'd be great if I could edit my damn short story, and maybe begin to edit a novel for submission.

What're your goals, people?