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Thread: Arkenberg, T.L.K.

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    Title: Icefire
    Author: T.L.K. Arkenberg
    Publication Date: January 2013
    Publisher: Silver Pubishing
    Format: free ebook anthology
    Price: FREE

    Logline:“The boy’s fine. He’s resting in the other room, where it’s…warmer.”
    She sat up—too suddenly for someone in her condition. Instinctively, Liell reached out to steady her.
    He felt the heat again, a blaze he hadn’t had time to prepare for, but it didn’t scorch him as it almost had the boy. And she felt his cold, the ice in his veins, but didn’t freeze.
    Liell opened his hand, letting her pull away, but she did so only slowly.
    “Does he know about you?” Liell asked.
    “He knows what I can do. But I don’t think he’s connected it to the stories he’s been told, the warnings of demons.”
    “How did you survive?”
    She closed her long, flame-blue eyes. “It was difficult at times.”

    Link: download from Silver Publishing site

    Title: Lessons on a Swing
    Author: T.L.K. Arkenberg
    Publication Date: November 2013
    Publisher: eRomance Magazine
    Format: Magazine
    Price: $3.99

    Logline: I expected my twenty-fifth birthday to be pleasant, because all
    my days at Rosehaven had been pleasant…

    “I thought you might pass by this way, Maria.”

    “You didn’t just come to play, then?”

    “Well, it did seem a shame how long this swing has gone unused…”

    “How long?” I looked back at the thing. A sturdy plank of wood dangled from knotted ropes that, though obviously old, at least didn’t seem dangerously worn. Still, a coil of uneasiness formed at an image I couldn’t banish of them giving way.

    “The tenants’ children hop onto it sometimes. But it is rather out of the way, isn’t it? I wonder whoever hung it here.”

    “It seems a very Archerish piece of whimsy,” I said. Trying to tease light-heartedly, to force away my stupid worries.

    Links: eFiction Magazines site
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