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Thread: Share Your Successes!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NottiThistledore View Post
    Congratulations, everyone!

    A Frightful Recipe is my first self-pub attempt, so it's taking a little while to get the ball rolling. I've had a half dozen ebook sales since putting it up a fortnight or so ago, and was pleasantly surprised to see that I'd sold the same amount in print format.

    I wasn't expecting many (if any) print sales at all, but wonder if the fact that my books are illustrated chapter books aimed at younger readers (grades 2-4ish) might have played a role there. Given this I'm also curious to see if iPad etc readers will be more inclined to read my books than those on dedicated ereaders. I'll test it out once my KDP Select days are up!
    How hard/easy was it to put your chapter books into CreateSpace versus getting them on Kindle? Is it a totally different formatting process?

    I have both picture books and chapter books on Kindle and the picture books are selling reasonably well and the chapter book sales are pretty pathetic. I was wondering if the chapter books do better when you at least have a paperback version available. So I wondered how much time I should expect to invest to make that happen?

    P.S. NottiThistledore -- you've got a really good book description. Your first line especially so pulls me into the second sentence: "The Chatswood spooks are in trouble. "
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