Hi! Just wanted to share some good news. Been an AWer for years and I owe a lot to this forum.

Last month my YA (fantasy) romance was re-released by an e-publisher and made it to Amazon's Top 1000 in its first few weeks and continue today to be Top 100 in its category.

Last Dec 5. I released 3 other new ebooks - and what stunned me was that of the four I have out, the only one that did not receive professional editing (miscommunication problem, my fault entirely) turned out to be the most successful. It shot up to Amazon's Top 300 (Kindle's Paid store) in its first weekend. It remains Top 30 in its category (erotica, hehe) but in its first weekend it grabbed the #17th spot for erotica.

So there. Was previously agented. Decided to give e-publishing another try, but this time with someone whose marketing skills I absolutely trust. And so far we're doing good.

Here are a few funny things I thought other writers may find interesting / inspiring.
My publisher is also from the Philippines but she's really, really good at marketing. The first time Evren was pubbed in Amazon, it only made it as far as 300,000+ of Amazon's bestselling ranking.

Of the four novels I have out, the two that's doing really well are those which did not receive ANY agent interest. Weird / funny, right? However, my favorite among the 4 is one of those that did receive agent interest so my publisher and I are working hard to promote it right now.

My erotica did not start out as such. I thought I was just writing a really sexy paranormal romance. Apparently, I wasn't. =D I am still somewhat uncomfortable when people recognize me as an erotica writer, primarily because I come from a devoutly Catholic background.

Mmm...that's all for now. I'm hoping my news can be of help to other writers considering e-publishing / self-publishing.