Long time multi pubbed romance and women's fic writer has accidentally stumbled on a character set up that seems perfect for a cozy mystery series. Has written one cozy - uber cozy for that matter, no bodies, no blood - as part of a long running work for hire series. All books are small town, women helping women cozy-with-snarky humor at heart types. Has no clue of "DA RULES" other than what she reads in other books.

Is thinking she may not go through her agent or even attempt print pubbing this grand experiment as she's done a lot of platform building (again by accident but still) already and her friends are saying not to bother with the old school route for a cozy because the print runs and money are not there.

Where does she start to educate herself on the dos and don'ts? Where does she connect to other cozy writers? (I have seen our local chptr of Sisters in Crime, may attend but not expecting a realistic level of help there)Are there cozy conferences or is that all folded under the mystery banner?

ANY advice on entering the fray is warming welcomed.

annie jones