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Thread: Yellowbay Publishing

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    Yellowbay Publishing

    Does anyone know if this a legitimate publisher.
    I have my doubts.

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    There are certain number of arguable statements on the website:

    We feel traditional publishing companies are generally floundering, and the reason is simple Ė They donít treat their authors or readers with the respect they deserve.
    and some outright lies:

    Few publishers now employ full-time editors and many potentially good books are rejected because of minor errors in editing, typing, grammar, construction, even presentation.
    They're also offering paid editing services from the likes of 'Clifford Thurlow' -
    Clifford is considered to be one of the best editors in the world, and is fairly selective about what he takes on.
    Clifford, according to Wikipedia, is a ghostwriter of some repute.

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    YellowBay Books Website:
    click on Submissions to read how YellowBay offers the most generous royalties for authors on the web as part of generous package including beautiful production and online marketing.
    When you click on the Submissions page you find that these royalties are 50% on net, with no details given on how net is calculated. There are plenty of publishers out there (particularly electronic publishers) who offer 50% on net, so I find it difficult to believe that YellowBay is offering the "most generous royalties for authors on the web".

    YellowBay Books Website:
    No part of the writing process is more important than editing.
    True enough.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    Few publishers now employ full-time editors and many potentially good books are rejected because of minor errors in editing, typing, grammar, construction, even presentation.
    That's bollocks. Some commercial publishing houses may not employ editors in-house (I know that Harper Collins, for example, use some contractors) and I don't know of anyone who's book has been rejected purely for minor grammatical errors.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    Every piece of work has to be near perfect before it will be accepted and no manuscript should be sent to an agent, magazine or publishing house without first being edited by a professional. To do so is to risk all that hard work going to waste.
    Yes, every piece of work should be as good as you can get it before you send it out. That's common sense. However it doesn't have to be edited by a professional - you can find a decent crit group or a beta here on AW for free.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    An editor – a good editor – will not merely make corrections, or write a bare cold report, but will make suggestions, add colour, atmosphere, continuity – and will explain exactly why such suggestions are being made.
    Yes, I agree with all this.

    Someone else can probably comment more effectively on the charges ( but they didn't look too bad to me, but I couldn't find anything on the editing experience of George Steptoe or David Thurlow to justify those charges. Clifford Thurlow clearly has a lot of ghostwriting experience but again, why go to him to editing if you can get critiques for free elsewhere?

    YellowBay Books Website:
    YellowBay Books was launched in July 2011 with a mission to publish quality, mainstream literature as both digital downloads and print-on-demand paperbacks.
    It's only been running for 6 months. I'll be interested in seeing how it's doing in 2 years and what the average sales per book are.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    Our first books are two anthologies of short stories, Black Dress and Cool, Sexy & Dead, and the novel The Second Rule.
    All three books are by Clifford Thurlow who also happens to run the company. If you were looking at YellowBay to publish your book, I'd want to know how they propose managing the potential conflict of interest.

    Clicking through to the Amazon sites reveals that they're not being sold for much (and in fact, Crazy, Sexy Dead is being given away for free) but while their rankings suggest some sales, they're not particularly high.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    With these titles now selling daily through Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and others, we are now looking for writers who would like to bring their work to this dynamic young company.
    Print rights are for POD, which means they don't have any in-store distribution in place. In my opinion, there's little point in giving YellowBay your print rights if they can't be maximised in terms of sale.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    We are looking for good completed manuscripts in any genre, particularly literary, off-beat and noir fiction, contemporary biography, film, photography and art criticism.
    It's good that they're specialising but they look to be specialising in incredibly niche markets. I'd want to know how they propose marketing their books within those communities (it's perfectly possible to target and get sales, but I'd want to definitely see a plan).

    YellowBay Books Website:
    What can we do for you?
    • Cover Design
    • ISBNs (for .mobi, .epub and print)
    • Well crafted e-book publications, in both .mobi (Amazon) and .epub (Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Kobo and the Diesel eBook Store) formats
    • POD (Print on Demand) with a view to other printing options
    • Help you prepare, shoot, edit and upload a ‘trailer’ for the book for Amazon and YouTube
    • Press release
    • Marketing advice
    • Encourage other YellowBay to review the book on the all-important Amazon and other literary forums
    • Registration with Nielsen Books and the British Library
    • Updates on sales and royalties
    This is all bare minimum stuff. I don't see that what they're doing is any more than what an author can do for themselves (and in doing so keep more of the profit).

    YellowBay Books Website:
    Most importantly, YellowBay offers an incredible 50% royalties on all net profits it receives.
    Like I said, I'd want to know how "net profit" is defined here.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    We feel traditional publishing companies are generally floundering, and the reason is simple – They don’t treat their authors or readers with the respect they deserve.
    For a floundering industry, all of the commercial publishers are still posting profits year on year.

    As regards respect, publishers are obviously doing something right because they pay advances for books and sell books to readers.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    We know a huge amount of time and talent goes into writing a book, and you deserve to be rewarded properly for that investment.
    Just because you've written a book doesn't mean that it deserves to have sales. There's a lot of hard work that goes into marketing and selling books - work that I don't see YellowBay really being prepared to do.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    YellowBay authors will also join a social network of writers who will be invited to review and assist fellow writers to promote their books. All new books will carry links to previously published works in a programme that will benefit the entire network.
    So if you're a YellowBay author, you'll have to help promote and shill other YellowBay authors' books.

    No commercial publisher requires that not least because it doesn't work unless you are an author with a big following you can readily reach. Look at what happens when PA authors suggest promoting each others work.

    Remember also that Clifford is one of YellowBay's authors so again, I'd want to know how the conflict of interest gets managed.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    YellowBay books will be well designed and have a ‘look’ that will make them identifiable and show a stamp of quality.
    That's lovely, but having quality products is of little use if no one knows about them to buy them.

    YellowBay Books Website:
    What do you have to do next?
    Send a one-page synopsis of your book and one page telling us what you can do to help make your book a success to
    It's telling that they don't want to see any sample pages but cut straight to wanting to know how you're going to help sell your book.

    In conclusion, there are other avenues out there for your work. I'd try them and then probably give serious consideration to self-publishing before sending anything to YellowBay.



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