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    Well, here's the thing.


    One of our second place winners got notably more first and second place votes -- admirable indeed -- than the other winner, but the other winner got so many third place votes that clearly that person's poem reached a lot of people in ways that counted enough for them to say something about it. Also very admirable. So how do you choose?

    After much consultation and cogitation, and seeing if sleeping on it would leave a miracle of clarity and justice purring at the foot of my bed for a saucer of milk when I awoke next morning from my usual round of shoggoth-haunted misty eldritch dreams of nameless horrors (you know who you are, Beatrice), I've decided not to find some way to finely parse the results in a manner that values one or the other of TWO second places higher than the other. I realized that any solution would lead to argument and condemnation by those so inclined anyway, so I decided to come down on the side of simplicity, which also probably makes me a human monster. What will be, will be.

    Therefore, this contest has no third-place winner.

    What it does have is two second-place winners, one of whom has been chosen to have first crack at our prizes (after the first place winner, that is) by God. That is, by coin flip. Hope you've said your prayers. And not done that other ... thing, for once. You know what I'm talking about.

    Call it!

    Too late.

    Congratulations to our first-place winner of the Zipcode Poetry Contest --
    Steppe !!! for his wonderful poem, After the Day's Catch!

    Congratulations to our two second-place winners (in no particular order):

    ajc! (Prairie Princess)


    Magdalen! (One Fuller Brush with 43821)

    for two poems that both had so much spark and spirit in them that ---> you <--- the voters couldn't help but say so!

    As noted in the first post in the contest thread:
    I will donate a copy of American Splendor and More American Splendor: The Life and Times of Harvey Pekar, as well as a copy of Walden: A Fully Annotated Edition by Henry David Thoreau and Jeffrey Cramer.

    Steppe has generously offered to donate "A Legacy of Shadows" by David Lee, in paperback and "The Poems Of Marianne Moore" edited by Grace Schulman, new in hardcover.
    Steppe goes first, and the Coin of God has decided that ajc gets second crack at a prize choice and Magdalen gets third.

    As noted earlier, if one of my prizes does not get picked, it or the equivalent will be donated to the prize pool in the next contest.

    Thanks to all the entrants and voters! I hope you all had fun participating. I know I had fun reading!

    Prize winners -- send me your names and addresses along with your prize choices. Second place winners, give me your choices ranked in order so that if someone gets it first, I can go down your list and pick your next favorite.
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