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Thread: W1S1 January Blog Chain

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    Quote Originally Posted by sky warrior books View Post
    Okay, how does this work? Please explain (in small words for those of us who are overworked and sleep-deprived). I think this is something I want to do, but the brain isn't engaged. (We need a clueless smiley)
    Basically, the blog chain is something where all the participants do a blog post on a chosen subject, and then post on their blogs/journals/etc in the order assigned, while linking to other blogs involved in the chain, thus hopefully creating some sort of chain-like effect. Here's the thread for last month's chain.

    The addition Annie is suggesting is great for those who don't have blogs (or don't have a personal writing blog), but still want to participate. They can sign up for the chain, write up a post in their word processor and then private message it to me, or to someone else in the chain who has a blog, and we'll post it on our blog, but credit it to their name. The blog post title might read: 'W1S1 Blog Chain: Interview Your Character--Guest Post by sky warrior books' (or M.H. Bonham, or whatever name the person wants the guest post attributed to).

    Does that help clear things up?
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