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Thread: [Promotion] SmackFiction / Sparkabook

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    writer/teacher JL_Benet's Avatar
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    [Promotion] SmackFiction / Sparkabook

    Any thoughts on this website?

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    Evolute Nexus's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
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    I am failing to glean what their specialty or purpose is by reading the details on the home page. It is some sort of catalogue? It "plugs" books for free?

    The overly flashy style was an immediate concern of mine. In my, very jaded, very biased experience, flashy writing-related websites end up being less than reputable.

    But what is their purpose? As it was not particularly obvious to me.

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    Such a nasty woman SuperModerator Old Hack's Avatar
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    It's showcasing rights.

    If someone wants their book to appear in a foreign edition, perhaps, or an audio format, they put its details up there and hope that someone comes along to buy those rights.

    Agents sell rights for their author clients. They don't use a showcasing site like this because they have contacts, and co-agents who do the job for them.

    I think it's going to fill up with self-published writers who want to sell foreign editions. But as there won't be many people registering who want to actually buy anything, just people who want to sell something, it'll all collapse in a heap before too long.

    But then I am a mean and cynical woman.

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    On a small world west of wonder LindaJeanne's Avatar
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    Nov 2011
    The same folks who troll the U.S. Copyright Registration records to look for marks to scam are going to be showing up, methinks.

    (I wonder if the site owners have thought of this? The "Terms of Service" is a huge block-o-text that I'm not going to try to read right now.)
    "A story told, that can't be real / yet somehow must reflect the truth we feel..." -- Black Sabbath / Ronnie James Dio

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    A faithful friend & a good library AphraB's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Hack View Post
    But then I am a mean and cynical woman.
    You say that like they're bad things. Cynical is good.

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    Writer Beware Goddess Absolute Sage victoriastrauss's Avatar
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    I remember getting promo for Sparkabook over a year ago, so it's not a new site. As Old Hack says, it seems to be mainly populated by self-published and small press writers...but not, apparently, by buyers.

    - Victoria

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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    Updating link:, which now reads

    The Sparkabook team has closed down this rights trading site.

    But we are still working hard for our publishers!

    Our focus is now on promotion of books with a mobile app called SmackFiction.

    ETA: Tw ceased '14, and site didn't survive '15, but FB still active:
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