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Thread: Post Mortem Press / Bee Squared Publishing

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    Post Mortem Press / Bee Squared Publishing

    Hi all,
    The publisher of Post Mortem Press is considering publishing a novel of mine. Do any of you know anything about Post Mortem Press? If he decided to publish it, I would like for this to happen, but I don't want to be scammed. Your input would be much appreciated. Thanks, Alan Zacher
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    Adding link: http://www.postmortem-press.com/

    Our business model allows us to consider publishing works that may be overlooked by the mainstream. Unlike many other publishing concerns out there, we don't want anything from our authors other than their support in promoting their books. This process provides for a payoff for the author's creative sweat equity.
    IOW, all marketing and promotion will be on your shoulders.

    Sister company Bee Squared Publishing ("self-publishing" services aka vanity): http://www.beesquaredpublishing.com/
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    'Creative Sweat Equity' is a great band name.

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    The only thing I know about PM Press is that they published this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Drakulya-P-C...4406249&sr=8-2 This edition, of which I have a copy, is now a collector's item. It is really well bound and a good quality book.

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    Who is Post Mortem Press?

    I saw your post when doing a Google search for the Post Mortem Press web page, and I do have an answer to your question. The founder of PMP is an alumnus of Walden University and decided to begin his own self publishing company when he wanted to publish his first book. Eric Beebe, (founder), found it was very expensive and he would have to print large quantities of his book if he self published through these "vanity" companies. Ergo, Bee Squared was born. Eric has 20 years of experience in corporate marketing, so he is very familiar with business. Bee Squared Publishing was created out of a need for academic authors to receive an instant return on their investment in self publishing. It was successful enough that Beebe decided to start Post Mortem Press for those authors who wish to publish their fictional works. His idea is that when a new author makes his or her investment in self publishing, they should not have to go broke doing it. The company publishes enough of their books so that authors are able to recoup the initial expenses. This deviates from the normal business practices that expect the writers to put out all the money up front, receive maybe one copy of their book and be expected to print large quantities of their book.
    Beebe's idea is for authors to be able to print their book on demand at a lower cost. Not a bad idea when you think about it.
    I hope this provided some of the answers you were seeking.

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    $999 seems a bit steep for what you're getting


    But if you want a one stop shopping place, it might be worth it to someone who doesn't want to pay an artist/find cover art, get a proofreader/editor, figure out how to upload to Kindle, Nook, etc.

    The 100% NET royalties paid quarterly is where I'd throw a caution flag.

    Something to ask would be if net is just minus the 3rd party vendor charges or what other things would it include?

    IMHO, the author is probably better off self pubbing than using these guys. If they were willing to pay $999, then they can probably get all the stuff listed above for that and not have to share the royalties with another company (aside from the 3rd party vendors)
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    Dane Hatchell

    I have signed a contract with PMP and my novel is to be published in July. Let me clear the record concerning any cost to the author involving publication. There is ZERO cost to the author to have his/her book published with Post Mortem Press. The contract I signed paid royalties significantly more than similar small presses. Not only that, the contract is author friendly and my contact with Eric Beebe, the publisher, has been nothing but up front honest and professional. Eric has worked hard to build a business and his success proves that he has a winning business model. If anyone is fortunate enough to have a work accepted by PMP for publication there is no risk to you as the author. Eric does promote his books in various forms of media and performs a Yeoman's job as he travels across the country to various conventions selling/promoting his publications. I don't know of a harder working publisher of a small press.

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    I recommend this publisher.

    Post Mortem Press picked up my debut novel, Nightface, which is undergoing an extreme makeover at the moment. A tight edit, a new cover, and that special promotion and pride that a small publisher gives to their stable of authors. To be clear: PMP and B2P are entirely different entities serving entirely different models.

    Last year, I was one of the first handful of authors in what is now a huge and (as far as I know) happy family. It is not a vanity press at all. I have never paid a dime and have received royalties due to me on time. I have met Eric at the Festival of Fear / FanExpo in Toronto and have seen their promotion efforts in action.

    I elected to run my own facebook page, website and twitter accounts - I elect to do a lot of my own promotion because I like to. Even if I had not, fairly equal attention is given on those venues hosted by PMP to all their books.

    In fact, they are now beginning to do audio-books. I am not sure many small houses are jumping in that quickly, so props to them for following a large-house model.

    They are constantly expanding and researching. When I look back at the publishers I courted in late 2010 and early 2011, most have folded or are stagnant... or are Dorchester. PMP is certainly worth sticking with in the small-house market - especially if you have no agent and have not been offered an advance elsewhere.

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    I, too, have a novel with Post Mortem. My experience has been great from the very beginning. I've never paid for anything, and was kept completely involved throughout the entire production process. One thing I think many people might not understand is that marketing and promotion rests a great deal on the shoulders of an author, whether they're with a big NY house or a small press. And unless you're a household name, you're not going to have the luxury of sitting back and watching the parade. You're going to have to push yourself and your work just as much as, if not more than, your publisher does. Eric and the folks at Post Mortem do a wonderful job of this. I just got back from Frightmare in Dallas, where I spent the weekend with Eric and a host of other Post Mortem authors. We hung out, sold some books, had some fun, and Eric even got a few of us on an authors panel. I'd say he's doing his work and then some. Vanity press it is not. Self-pub it is not. In light of recent events in the publishing world, it's wise to do your homework on publishers, agents, authors, etc. However, Post Mortem is one of the gems...not the black coal.
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    I am a COMPLETE outsider, but I have a few acquaintances published by Post Mortem, and they've had nothing but positive things to say about them. The books I have from them are also great looking and came off as well edited. Good luck no matter what!

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    I just love their name! Indies are so creative.

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