Hi everyone,

While browsing a hospice second hands store Saturday, I came a across what I believe is a rare find. Collected Works of H. Rider Haggard, published 1928 by Walter J. Black in New York City. The book has full versions of Cleopatra, She, King Solomon's Mines, Allan Quatermain, and Maiwa's Revenge. Oh man, I love the smell of the yellowed pages and the feel of this heavy book in my hands. Pristine binding and excellent condition for $3.00 (regularly $6.00, but everything was half off that day).

Every time I go into a second hand store, I end up finding these great classics in good condition for cheap prices. If I went to the local rare and used bookstore, I can guarantee most of my collection would sell for a whole lot more.

I have other classic collections I have found at cheap prices at second hand stores and when a used bookstore went out of business. What about you? Any book collections?