I'm getting all confused and running out of space on my paper, so I've tried searching for timeline software that writers can use, but only found one possible, and it's too expensive for me.

Can anyone recommend any timeline software that:

a) isn't expensive, i.e. £20.00 or less (free would be nice).

b) MUST have a trial if not free.

c) is easy to use, or at least have comprehensive instructions and or helpful Forums, (like here! Lol)

d) will enable me to see at a glance if any alibis are impossible, false, not false enough, aren't where they should be...

or worse:

e) will show events that clash, (and that I need to fix)

Does anyone know of any such software?

I imagine that such software would be helpful to many writers, not just (like me) whodunit writers trying to work out timelines of events in a story with murders and alibis, but also anything that includes actual historical events, whether that's from ancient Egypt, Henry VIII, Georgians, Edwardians, Victorians, or just plotting around 9/11 or the Brixton riots.

So surely there must be something decent around that people use?