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Thread: December W1S1 blog chain

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    December W1S1 blog chain

    We've been discussing blog chains in the Novel Challenge Hub, and i figured we should probably settle on a topic, otherwise we'll be deep into the silly season before we figure out what we're going to blog-chain about.

    I also figured we could extend out the blog chain to include those of us doing the Short Fiction Challenge, too.

    So, therefore, and suchlike and thereon in, i've made an executive decision (but if you don't agree just tell me and i can executively change it).

    December's blog chain topic/prompt is: Plan of attack (or, How are you going to reach your writing goals?)

    Sign up for the chain here in the thread. I'll try to get things rolling tonight. Then whoever is next has two days to get a post up and so on. Basically the order will be the order of sign-up; i'll keep a list in this opening post. If you miss your post, then i'll move you down to the bottom of the list so you get another chance.

    Who's in?

    Izz: Post up!
    alexshvarstman: Post up!
    Aggy B.: Post up!
    mhaynes: Post up!
    Jennifer B: Post up!
    katsincommand: Post up!
    Opinionated Ant: Post up!
    Amberly: Post up!


    January's topic will be an adaptation of the meme JenniferB suggested here. It'll be adapted into an interview with a character type scenario. Noveleers, you could choose the main character from your WiP if you so desired, and Short Story Architects, you could interview one of your favorite story characters.
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