E-Books & Kindle seems to be taking over the world, now back when it first came out I heard that Amazon could take your books away from you if the publisher went bust.

Not something that can happen with a paperback or hardback.
Not unless they jimmy the door and filtch them from your bookshelves.

I've seen their current advert - can't avoid it, unfortunately - and the very idea of reading on any kind of screen makes me cringe, I get enough headaches from the PC, thanks.

I hate not being able to flick through pages.

I'd hate something like that to hit me in the eye as I begin to drop off to sleep - and how the heck would you have two or three books open at once to refer back and forth?

And how can you put little coloured sticky notes on various pages?

The screen may be big compared to other handheld devices, but compared to a book it's tiny. In order to get even a paperback's page content onto one screen, you'd need the text to be too small for me to read it.

....I have a really nasty feeling that this is going to be the inevitable future that I will go to my grave being the grumpy old woman grumbling about.

.... however I can also see a point in the future where my own work finally makes it to publication only to find that it's on Kindle only....

No, I haven't got one, so probably eveything I've said is just rubbish, but I've vented some angst, so that's good.


What do you think?

Is the future already here?

Are books doomed?