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If the first "postal" is modifying the second, you have a postal postal, i.e. a postal process that went postal.

From this site (heavily quoted for posterity):

ParaDon Books Publishing, a new publishing industry co-founded by a newspaper mogul, Richard Egland, just announce its opening to writers [...]

Richard and his staff of professionals believes in the free market revolution of book publishing, and are willing to do whatever it takes to top over the seven major publishers of America. [...]

Richard quoted, saying, “I’m sad over what’s going on with the book industry nowadays. Book stores are closing all over the nation, and less and less people are reading fictions. Personally, I think the major book publishers are to blame for their continuing mistakes of publishing writers with mediocre talents. I know the ins and outs of running a newspaper, and believe me when I say nobody love reading stories more than me.[...]

"We will be the stepping stone that will correct the flaws of mediocre writing that’s circulating through the book market today, by only putting out writers of quality styles that will seduce and induce every readers minds. From now on, no talented writer will be rejected because there’s only enough room or budget to publish that one other writer. Every talented will have a chance to shine with us, and will. I have a fine team of qualified editors, the best cover graphic artists in the industry, a world-wide distributing channel, great promotion service, and we offer advance payment and high royalty pays to our authors. [...]

When asked, “Why the reading fee?” Richard Responded, saying, “Because I want every writer submitting their story to us to take their work very seriously and put out their best. I use to run a newspaper print so i know the burden of dealing with unsolicited submissions. I want every writer submitting to us to know that this $25 could be the best investment they’ve ever made.”