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Thread: ParaDon Books Publishing / Amazon Book Clubs

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    Grumpy writer and editor Absolute Sage Gillhoughly's Avatar
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    Feb 2006
    Getting blitzed at Gillhoughly's Reef, Haleakaloha.

    ParaDon Books Publishing / Amazon Book Clubs

    From their website:

    They're spamming the Net like a case of hives.

    ParaDon Books Publishing is a privately-owned establishment, with distribution deals that reach all over the globe.

    Examples, please. What books have you got, where, who's selling them?

    Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch.
    Examples, please. What books have you got? We'd like to see inside one for check on this personal touch stuff.

    We have a fine team of qualified editors,

    Their names, please. Where did they work previously in the publishing industry and for how long?
    the best book cover graphic artists in the industry,
    Their names, please, and show examples of their work.

    We publish both fictions and non-fictions.
    "Once a manuscript pass the reading test and is accepted,"

    Apparently grammar and proofing are of little concern here.

    All proposal package should include a query letter, synopsis, bio, the first 50 pages, SASE (self address stamped envelope), and a $25 reading fee, mail to
    ParaDon Books Publishing
    P.O.Box 6347
    Great Falls, MT 59406
    Yog's Law violation alert. Danger, Will Robinson, Danger-danger!

    Agent-submitted manuscript are excluded from the reading fee.
    Not surprising, since no reputable agent would bother with this place.

    This company is brand new, and looking for a lot of quality stories to catalog.
    Not to sell? Shame-shame.

    Is English just not your first language?

    Please explain why there's a picture of a car dealership's showroom on your "Jobs" page.

    Please explain why the heck you opened for business when you've no books to sell.

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