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Thread: [Display Site] TheWriteDeal

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    Your Genial Uncle Absolute Sage James D. Macdonald's Avatar
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    [Display Site] TheWriteDeal

    In today's mailbag, advertising by spam:

    *Introducing TheWriteDeal, a talent discovery platform for the digital age*

    NEW YORK - TheWriteDeal operates as an
    online publisher of exciting new writing talents as well as of professional
    authors with unpublished works. We extend the reach of authors into the
    digital landscape in a way that self-publishing only rarely accomplishes
    and introduce traditional print publishers to writers of the highest
    quality and appeal.

    We look for writing thatís skillful, accessible, and edgy, and most
    important, fresh and original. Acceptance for publication on TheWriteDeal
    guarantees readers, as well as our network of agents and publishers here
    and abroad, an article, essay, story, or novel that has been accepted as
    worthy of publication by a team of professionals. It establishes or
    broadens each authorís readership, an invaluable asset in the quest to turn
    writing into a gainful career.

    Established in New York City by professional editors and writers,
    TheWriteDeal markets curated e-books and digital book excerpts, or e-leafs.
    We present works of any length, including excerpts; or at any stage of
    completion, to be read in one sitting or on the go on a reading device or

    We give the author with unpublished works an unparalleled ability to
    minimize investment of time, money, and resources, and maximize exposure to
    publishers and agents to seek print options. Authors earn a generous 60% of
    royalties on all profits earned while their work remains on the site,
    retaining full ownership. TheWriteDeal retains six-month exclusive rights
    to market the work. After six months, we retain non-exclusive rights,
    freeing authors to sell their works elsewhere as they like.

    Publishers may arrange to purchase works from amenable authors at any time
    within the six-month period via TheWriteDeal. Our standard fee on all sales
    to print publishers is 10% and for amounts to be negotiated on a case by
    case basis for works that have been significantly shaped by TheWriteDealís
    team of professional editors.

    TheWriteDeal offers an old-fashioned publishing model that allows authors
    and print publishers to benefit from the latest in digital opportunities.
    All connoisseurs of writing are invited to join us at:

    For more information, please contact Managing Editor Kyra Ryan at


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    Launched self-publishing program Blue Leaf in '12 (press release), but closed this year. (Last FB activity in Feb; the Ms. Ryan mentioned above moved on in March; site was last cached in April.)

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