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Thread: Book Proposal Question

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    Book Proposal Question

    This question has probably been asked a hundred times before but I just wanted to know if the different sections of a book proposal are supposed to be labelled. I know roughly that there are supposed to be sections or paragraphs about marketing and stuff like that but I don't know if in the structure of the book proposal, you're supposed to label them as such.

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    I did so.

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    Yes, absolutely. You should also start each section a new page if sending the proposal as an attachment. If pasting onto an email, just be sure your labels stand out from the rest of your text.

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    Yes, they have to be labeled. Separating everything into sections helped me a lot to keep things straight. In fact, I would take one section with me to work and work on it during lunch or commuting. This helped me by forcing me to deal with the sections I hated to write (marketing).
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