Although it says that I only have 24 works listed there, 3 are blocked because they are Indonesian translations which Amazon does not allow (luckily they haven't noticed the Indonesian language version of Pigtastic yet). I also have 2 additional works under different pen names.

I use affiliate links whenever I refer to my works on Facebook, Twitter, my blog, website and each of my books (yes, they are direct links to the Kindle versions). You can sign up for an affiliate account here:

Thanks for the feedback on the covers--I try my best. As you know, the cover is everything. I would love to get more reviews, but I do not solicit them from friends, so it takes longer.

I believe that most of the recent excitement for children's books has to do with the Kindle Fire, so it certainly has something to do with my success. Throwaway_Writer mentioned that he wrote children's books, so I figured I'd give them a shot as well. To answer your question, yes, tons of people buy my children's books for their Kindle Fire.

Eventually I will put my entire catalog in print, but I've been holding off while I continue to refine them. It's nothing big, but I do keep catching little stuff here and there.