It is an interesting question; why are we afraid to speak publicly?

When I was much younger (without disclosing my 44 years on the planet... oops!), I was terrified of speaking in public. I was once an extra in a school play (I was a hippie), where all that was required of me was to sit and sway to the music. I was freaking terrified!

Somewhere along the line, this fear disappeared. Completely. I still get a little nervous about forgetting what I am supposed to say, but I have zero fear of speaking in front of people. You could hand me a prompt and stick me in front of a thousand people, and I would have no problem.

The thing is, I'm really not sure as to why. I've taken no classes on public speaking, and I'm still every bit the introvert I was back then. I wish I knew why the change came about, as I'm sure I could help others with their fear of public speaking, but I really have no idea.