Hi. I've been researching knee injuries, but the one I have in mind is very specific and I couldn't find much that matched it. In a story I am planning, a character is stabbed in the knee with a rake. It's not just an average modern day rake, but an older one which has been reenforced for battle. It looks sort of like the top picture on this page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rake_%28tool%29 .

My question is, if the rake was swung so that the spikes dug into someone's knee (and on the outside of their leg), what kind of damage could it do? If there are no modern day medical supplies around, what would happen? Would there be risk for infection? To what extent could someone recover from this sort of injury, and how long would that take?

Sorry for all of the questions but I have a pretty specific scenario in mind, and I want to get it right before I plan other parts of the plot around it.