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Veinglory, most clasp loops will give way before the necklace can do more than pinch. Obviously, the higher-quality findings will be a bit stronger.

The weakest point will almost always be the loops on the findings, no matter what clasp style. If they are soldered shut, the silver, brass, or steel will have to distort and break, which can take some force. If they have a little gap, to be closed with a pair of pliers, then they'll open easily with a strong pull.

Shadowflame, B&B magazine had an article a year or so ago about twisty bead ropes. Did you ever see it? If not, I can scan it and send it if you PM me. And I like both, the necklace and the bracelet.
I probably didn't see it as I don't have a subscription anymore and Walmart doesn't carry the mags very frequently.

The Necklace is done on a variation of a RAW done vertically for the base. After the base is complete, then do a layer of 3 beads per crossing, over that do 5 then 7, you can even do a layer of 9 over that if you feel it needs more fluff. It produces the wave/ripple that looks so lovely. I'll try to get a better photo of it later today.

The bracelet is a pretty common peyote stitch. make a ring with 2 beads in 4 colors x4 (32 beads in the first loop) First row, offset the color so that it will produce a spiral and add 1 bead per stitch. Second row add 2 beads. Third row 1 bead. fourth row 1 bead. Fifth row 3 beads. Sixth row 1 bead, weave tales in. Attach where you feel like you want.
Pretty sure that after row 3 if I added 2 beads it would lay flat but I liked the texture of the loops when it began to curl.