Title: "The Storming of Big Spree"
Author(s): David Hardy
Publication Date: February 12, 2011
Publisher: Dark Worlds Magazine #3
Format: Print
Price: 13.96
Logline:Getting his man is not a problem for Mountie Thomas Gatewood, but keeping the man's death a secret is more of a problem!.
Also includes: "The Tomb of the Amazon Queen" by Michael Ehart, "Roadblock" by Jack Mackenzie, "Bayou Mirage" by E. P. Berglund, "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie", by Nick Andreychuk, "Laocoon" by G. W. Thomas, "Communications Delay," by Lee Beavington, and "Immortals of the Cannibal Coast" by Joel Jenkins and Martin Edward Stephenson. Original cover by Aaron Siddall. New cover by M. D. Jackson. Illustrations by M. D. Jackson, Aaron Siddall, Sam deGraff and G. W. Thomas.

Dark Worlds #3