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Thread: American Horror Story

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    Who let this guy in...? JohnnyGottaKeyboard's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by K.B. Parker View Post
    Still, it's one of my favorite shows on television because of the batshittery of it all.
    I sometimes find myself wondering why I endure the shoddy storytelling, but I think it's because the show is often so visually appealing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyGottaKeyboard View Post
    I sometimes find myself wondering why I endure the shoddy storytelling, but I think it's because the show is often so visually appealing.
    For me it's the acting. The performances can erase all the inconsistencies; dear Cordelia, not once demonstrated that kind of power. All the girls suddenly become badasses. Everyone was in awe over Misty's power, but then everybody starts doing it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyGottaKeyboard View Post
    AHS has sort of become the "Let's take a bunch of interesting ideas and present them via attractive tableaux but never actually do much more than scratch the surface" show.

    I'm still shaking my head over what Patti Lapone's character brought to the story. Or the witch hunters; they certainly weren't any sort of foil for the witches.
    I think Coven actually did the best job (out of the seasons so far) of tying various plot points together and maintaining some common themes.

    Though, yeah, AHS definitely tends to throw a whole lot of stuff out there without thoroughly exploring any of it. The plotline with Patti Lupone's character was a bit random.

    But I don't think Coven was anywhere near as random as Asylum was. Which isn't really a criticism of Asylum--it was my favorite season so far. But I liked that Coven tied stuff together a little more.

    I liked the finale, even though I was miffed that Misty got the ending that she did.

    I agree that Cordelia being the Supreme wasn't a huge surprise. It was satisfying, though.

    Also, how did they know that the next Supreme was going to be someone in that one small group? I know the coven was dying out, but it was established that there were other witches around the country who just hadn't come forward or gone to the school. How did they know one of them wasn't the next Supreme?

    I also find it interesting that the whole thing about Violet killing people through sex was dropped pretty quickly. I don't think it was referred to again after the pilot, was it? It's like the writers thought it was a neat idea, but realized it didn't really serve a purpose.

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    practical experience, FTW
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    I think you mean Zoe not Violet.

    I agree, that storyline didn't go anywhere awesome. I wanted more men to die by vagina.

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    Looking forward to 'Freak Show!' Love Angela Bassett's character just based on the trailer.

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