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Thread: Doctor Fantastique Books / Show of Wonders Magazine

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    Gargling blasters
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    Doctor Fantastique Books / Show of Wonders Magazine

    Does anybody know anything about Doctor Fantastique, particularly their arm that publishes books? I can find things about their magazine, but they're currently calling for submissions of steampunk novels etc. on Twitter and I can't seem to find much about that particular arm of their operation. I'm interested in sales numbers/advance info/royalties etc.

    I've run a search on the forums for a thread on these but can't find one. Apologies if I've missed it.

    EDIT: Link to their site here.
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    Could it be that they are only just starting out as book publishers? Which may explain why there is no information. Though I would make sure the info was all there before shouting about it on twitter...

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    volitare nequeo AW Moderator veinglory's Avatar
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    As they are using kickstarter to solicit funds I would wonder if they were a fully-financed multi-staff type of publisher....
    Emily Veinglory

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    I found two books released so far; they're linked to on their website. From their imprint FAQ:

    Payment will be 40% royalties off cover price.

    We generally publish books in Kindle, Nook, and DRM free formats, with some print POD editions to follow in the near future.

    North American Print and Digital Rights for with an exclusivity period of one year post-publication for novellas and two years post publication for novels. The contract can be terminated with 30 days written notice at any time.
    I'm assuming the rest of their books will have the same policy, though it'd be best to ask them to be sure.

    There are two print issues of their magazine, and, according to this post, the July 2011 was their sixth issue.
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    figuring it all out ShyWriter's Avatar
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    I love thier website, but they seem very very new.

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    Hello everyone! I'm the Publisher of Doctor Fantastique Books, hence why I'm answering here.

    aretus -- We are indeed very new to publishing books and such. Up until July 2011 we were an online-only venture, and are only now launching our magazine product into full-on print. Using POD for the magazine now allows us to get a product into the marketplace, however the Kickstarter campaign is intended to allow us to swap the magazine into being printed as offset instead of POD.

    Bicyclefish -- Yes, every book has that same policy. Fantastique Gearworks was simply the first product line to have it out on public view. We're currently rewriting the submission guidelines for the magazine and for Doctor Fantastique Books to reflect this policy.

    Veinglory -- We do have a staff of editors, but we're still technically in start-up phase.

    DelicatePrincess -- Thanks for the compliment! We're new but very passionate about helping anyone who submits to us be a success.

    Please, anyone, feel free to contact me directly if you've got any further questions. It's tremendously important to me that I be as open as possible with writers and would hate to have Doctor Fantastique Books be given a bad name if I can avoid it.

    Matthew Delman
    Doctor Fantastique Books

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    Well ... although they funded their Kickstarter, there's no sign of any 2012 issue(s) of the magazine in print form, nor organized beyond a blog tag. Going off their menu, the last posted poem was in '11, serial novel '12 (stopped mid-novel), and short story Jan '13. No sign of any books, e- or POD.

    ETA: Revived Aug '15 at; however, activity since has been sporadic at best.
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