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Thread: [Publisher] Bibliomotion

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    [Publisher] Bibliomotion

    A new venture between two industry vets with a good background - Erika Heilman and Jill Friedlander. I've been impressed with Erika so far.

    Anyone worked with either of them - or had any interaction with Biliomotion?

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    Mostly Harmless SuperModerator CaoPaux's Avatar
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    This bit from their BiblioBasics page just about covers it, methinks:

    At Bibliomotion, we do not envision you selling single copies of your book at the back of a lecture hall. We do anticipate working with you to sell bulk copies (print and/or e-book) of the book as part of your speaking engagements and keynote addresses. We would also offer you the option to purchase unlimited copies for resale or personal use at a 50% discount.

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    Wow. That website is...slick.

    I've OD'd on inspirational team-building motivational business-speak, so it's not really doing much for me. I know people who would eat it up with a spoon, though.
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    I don't see mention of thier books anywhere on the site. Do they have any out yet? Who are their authors?

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    Eh...typical psycho-blabbery about how the old guard is out of gas and only these guys can fit into the " new realities." Please. It's an old mantra that is starting to show its wear. No matter how you prettify it, they're a publisher looking to separate you from you money.


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