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Thread: [Publisher] Sea Lion Books

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    [Publisher] Sea Lion Books

    Anyone hear anything about these folks?
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    Well they do hardcover, so that's cool. But there's no submissions guidelines that I can see. Certainly looks interesting.

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    You might go to their contact page and send them a list of questions about the way they require their submissions sent. At least that is what I would do. (Include any other questions...like...pay, contracts, ect.)
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    PublishAmerica offers hardbacks too. That's not something I'd use as a yardstick when it comes to finding the best publisher for my work.

    They seem to specialise in graphic novels. They seem to have good connections to trade publishing, and a good level of experience although I've not checked any of their claims, so might well be wrong.

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    I was a surprised to find out Sea Lion Books was formed by David Dabel and Pascal Dabel, who also were involved with other comic book publishing houses. The Dabel Bros was formed by Ernst, Les, David and Pascal Dabel. David and Pascal left to pursue non comic careers until Spring 2010.

    The Dabel brothers have mixed reputations among the comic book community, but one thing their endeavors had in common was favoring established properties and getting a few big names on board for name recognition. So they apparently do have contacts. However, I don't think they paid advances* to the average creator though they likely did pay the big names.

    * I don't know this for certain. I can't find anything stating their payment policy, but I've seen Kickstarter projects to pay their artists and letters run by people whose work was accepted by Sea Lion Books.
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    From the brief contact we had with them, they said they don't offer advances for creator-owned work. From that I imagine they pay a page rate for the artists they take on for licensed properties.

    I've never really seen anyone in the comics community (review sites, blogs, creators...) post about their books, so I don't know how known they are. I got their edition of THE ALCHEMIST from my library. It was full color, hardcover, book sized (vs TPBs), printed fine. I think I had some nitpicks about lettering and editing, but eh. No idea how much of my ambivalence about the book was the fact that it was an adaptation and not an original graphic novel.

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    Hasn't published anything since '12, but social media is active. Anyone have recent contact?

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