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A short story at 500-1200 words is too short for Musa to publish as a standalone ebook--we want to publish shorts above 5K and below 15k for our short story lines.

If your stories are speculative fiction, however, you can submit them to Penumbra, our spec fic eMag. BUT--and there's always a but--we have announced submission calls out for the specific themes we're looking for on the Penumbra website. Don't just lump all those stories and throw them into an email and submit them; the only submissions calls we're currently accepting manuscripts for are (1) Dreams, for our August issue; (2) Native American folklore for our September issues; and (3) Edgar Allen Poe for our October/first anniversary and Halloween issue. I strongly suggest that you go to our website for submission guidelines and deadlines.

Thank you, Celina.

I went to check a couple of those themes out on Penumbra, and I like some of the themes.

My personal favorite, is for the December issue.Utopian!