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Thread: The Triolet Trail

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    Left of center
    The sword of Athena cuts to the art
    of bloody combat. Blade aloft: a light
    above bodies bleeding in the cart.
    The sword of Athena cuts to the art.
    Fate, or reason? Each has played a part
    and each bears witness: death ignites
    the sword of Athena; cuts to the art

    of bloody combat: blade aloft, alight.

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    From my novel TWINK:
    的知 funny, Mike. I make people laugh and people like people who make them laugh. I read a lot, so I知 knowledgeable about a lot of things, which makes me interesting to talk to. I知 articulate, so I can pretty much hold my own in any kind of conversation, with pretty much anybody, from any walk of life. Then, there痴 the risk factor, right? I keep people off balance; always guessing, always wondering: 選s he gonna laugh now, or is he gonna break my neck?
    He laughed and I cracked a smile but even as I did, I was wondering that very thing.

    /blog on hiatus/

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