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Thread: The Triolet Trail

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    The sword of Athena cuts to the art
    of bloody combat. Blade aloft: a light
    above bodies bleeding in the cart.
    The sword of Athena cuts to the art.
    Fate, or reason? Each has played a part
    and each bears witness: death ignites
    the sword of Athena; cuts to the art

    of bloody combat: blade aloft, alight.

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    She sighs big then she says, “He had this pouch thing in his shirt pocket. He took it out and made me look in there, then he said—” She sucks a deep breath, starts again. “He said if I don’t do what he wants, he’d put my earrings in there, too.”
    Suzy reaches up and touches her earring, a little gold ball. She got pierced ears, I didn’t notice before.
    “I don’t get it,” I say. “Why would that be so bad, I mean—”
    She starts rolling that little gold ball between her fingers and it hits me like a punch in the gut.
    “Was that girl’s flower earrings in his pouch?” Saying that with my heart slamming my ribs. If she seen proof my God—

    /kk's blog on temporary hiatus/

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