Hey ladies and gents,

I posted this in the Beware section, but not everyone stops by there and I'd hate to see anyone here get burned. Cobblestone Press appears to be having some issues at the moment. You are, of course, free to do your own research and background checks, but if you were thinking of subbing to them, you might want to check out what their current authors are saying...that is, what they can say.

Cobblestone has a nifty little 'no slander' clause in their contract and have threatened to sue an author that spoke about her bad editing experience. So, you'll see a lot of authors speaking as anonymous etc.

So, if you would like to respond, please do it in the Bewares section. I just posted this here as Cobblestone is most for romance/erotic romance and you're my peeps. I'd sure as hell want to know if this(alleged) stuff was going on with a pub I was considering subbing too.