Over the past year, I've been writing and editing my first novel. Now that it's finally finished, I would like to try to publish it and see what happens. I found a list of pubishers on a different website, which had writers' recommendations and concerns. One of the publishers which had no complaints was Firefly & Wisp. They looked okay upon my initial inspection, so I sent my first three chapters to them. Only a few days later, they responded to my query saying they were really into it and requesting my full manuscript. Originally, I was ecstatic, but then I started becoming suspicious of their quick and emphatic response, so I did a little googling and looked a little closer at the "authors" page on their website. As it turns out, it appears that they've only published three books. Only one of these has been printed in hard copy (and it's not even in stock on Amazon), and the other two ebooks were written by someone from Firefly & Wisp itself. They do have five more writers on their page listed to release their first books throughout the rest of this year or the first half of next, but I'm still skeptical.

Does anyone know anything about Firefly & Wisp, or have any experience with them? If not, could you please at least give me your more experienced opinions on what I should do? I have no issues with working with new/small publishers (after all, I'm a nobody in the writing world, too, so we might as well help each other start out, right?), but is there a line that should be drawn in regards to how small of a publisher is acceptable? From what I've seen searching them online, they do promote their books fairly well, so that's something, though I suppose distribution would be a concern. I'm just worried because I don't want to pass up my dream opportunity to get my foot in the door, but at the same time, I don't want to make the wrong choice and ruin this particular book's chance at something great. It wouldn't hurt to send in my manuscript and see what they say, at least, right? If they reject it, I won't have to worry about the decision at all, and if they do like it, I can still turn them down should I find something about them that I particularly don't like.

Oh well, let me know what you think. I'd like a more experienced outlook on this.