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Thread: Punctuation inside parentheses

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    Ken, yes. I'm a bit harsh -- but I see AE spreading misinformation all over this board while pretending to be a publishing industry professional, and pretending to expert knowledge...then he comes in here and asks something boneheaded like this, that anyone who can pass basic freshman comp ought to AT LEAST know how to look up.

    Now, certainly this is the internet -- and a LOT of people on the Web are pretending to one degree or another. But I'm not going to let his baldly false and ignorant assertions just go by without pointing out that just because he calls himself an editor, if he doesn't have the skills, the knowledge, or even understand the most basic use of an editor's fundamental tools?

    He's pretender. He's a poseur -- and that can do real and lasting damage to the people who know even less than he does, who might be in danger of taking him at his word.
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