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Thread: Shimmerzine

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    I just received a very nice rejection letter from Shimmerzine. I know it's odd to say a rejection was very nice, but it was.

    Their senior editor took the time to write an email geared toward the specifics in my submission. She was very polite. Before submitting, I had also sent them a question which they answered in about a day's time. The usual turn around on submissions for Shimmerzine is about three weeks according to their site. I got mine back in about three days. Overall, I was very pleased with their professionalism and personal approach.

    They are a great paying market of $10 per. They do mainly fantasy with some science fiction and horror. I'd strongly suggest giving them a try. Even if you're rejected, they're very gracious about it.
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    That's what my experience has been as well. Very fast and polite. I don't think they've ever taken longer than a couple of weeks to respond to my submissions, and most of the time more like one week.
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