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Can a writer have a say in what she wants the cover of her book to be? Can she say what she definatly doesn't want?

Example, I'm writing a historical romance and I don't want the cover of my story to have a couple embracing in a thin night-shift and breeches, while their hair billows in the wind.

Is that alright?
It entirely depends on the publisher. I had a lot of say in my Samhain Publishing cover which you can see in my avatar. I asked for a snow glob for sexy abs, for the heroine to be a redhead, for the three people in the menage to be depicted but (knowing there might not be much space in the snow globe i said heads and faces did not have to be shown. ) see how they put everything I asked for in and made it totally beautiful? Some publishers however will just tell you to like it or lump it. If you get offered a contract you can ask if you will have a say in cover art.
The other thing to consider though is that they may have a better idea than you do about what will actually sell your book.