Had kind of a shitty morning reading a FaceBook friend's hateful tirade of atheist evangelism (bigotry works both ways! who knew?) Then I decide to come to AW on a whim, and find happy updates from a tolerant community. So refreshing!

It's always nice to read your updates, Max. And I think it's totally reasonable to find sex and intimacy a little creepy as an abstract concept. Sex and love can be a lot more appealing when you've got a specific, compatible, lovable person in mind.

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I think people understand that there are various possible situations when folks go to gay bars.
Yep. Our local LGBT watering hole calls itself a "queer bar" instead of "gay bar" for just this reason. It's a good place for transfolk to hang out because a transman and ciswoman couple aren't gay, but they still need a safe place to hang.

I only wish there were non-bar places to hang out. Sure, you can order a Coke instead of alcohol, but for a recovering alcoholic, a bar just isn't the place to be. And the rate of alcohol and drug abuse within the queer community is tragically high.