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Thread: [Display site] Writers Out

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    Hi Kimberly,

    As a lawyer who is also a supporter of, can you answer a few questions:

    1. Do you have concerns over the company's ethics when they appear to be making false statements?

    eg: "Writers Out is the first ever professional networking and eBook distribution service for writers of all kinds, published or non- published" Ref:

    As you should be well aware ,there are several 'professional networking and eBook distribution services for writers of all kinds, published or non-published'. That is why sites like this are called YADS.

    There is no shame in trying this business model again - but surely you would have ethical problems with them making false statements about it - like claiming that it is a first?

    2. You've been asked several times to confirm that you don't have a connection with them beyond what you claim. Can you please confirm this? I can't find your name on the list of authors - which seems odd. (I'm assuming that your name is Kim Star - someone using that name has given Writers Out a good review with the same explanation (just joined etc).

    I hope you have better success with the service than their best seller - which only about $20 in sales.


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    I don't think she's coming back somehow. I believe she was planted to promote the website.

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    I agree with much of the points made here. I have tried sites like and authonomy and there is really no point to them. The benefits are VERY few and far between, but the negative possiblities that result have a much higher probablility.

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    Three years later ... the "best-selling" book is at 24 downloads for a free item. The "best-seller" overall is a free magazine with 56 downloads.
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