Yes, I know that there are already some threads about knocking out people. Nevertheless I couldn't find anything helpful (maybe that's because the search button is not really useful as the word "out" is automatically excluded from search?).

However, I wanted to know if there is a way to knock a person out for at least a 2-3 minutes (longer doesn't matter, could also be for hours, but shorter would be bad) without any drugs/chemicals and without a very high possibility to badly hurt/damage that person. It would be great, in addition, to know how this person would wake up afterwards, like if it will happen slow or he would be awake and in control of his body in an instant.

I know that you can apply some kind of pressure to the carotid artery, but how long would that leave someone unconscious? I thought not very long as the blood would flow normal as soon as the grip is loosenes, or am I wrong?

Then there is hitting on the head, but I guess that might be very dangerous, or is there a place someone who knows what he's doing could hit and be rather sure the person will only be knocked out and not brain damaged or something? Or a certain technique or something?

I'm happy about every kind of info you can provide and it doesn't matter if the person who does the knocking out would need to have some special knowledge or anything, he's a very minor character and it would be no problem to make him know martial arts or whatever need be.