I wanted to share my experiences with Eric. Full disclosure. I was signed with him and I left after a month. I got a sense of him before I approached him for rep and it was all really great. He's very active on twitter and very helpful and I had gotten to know a few of his clients so I decided to approach him. I got a referral and he offered very quickly. He said he only read 50 pages but really loved the writing and he "got" all the things that were important to me. Once I signed, I became more and more uncomfortable with the fact that he didn't plan on reading the book before it went on sub. I don't want to bad mouth him, but I was just really uncomfortable with it. Its genre was hard to nail down and I really didn't want it pitched one way, but it was hard to tell how he was going to pitch it. I started to search more about him online (AFTER I had signed--which does not seem a good omen) and I was sort of disheartened that no one on this forum had similar doubts to me. I finally had a few uncomfortable conversations with his clients to get a sense of what I was experiencing was the norm and it seemed it was. Other clients weren't happy with where he was subbing, or how little they knew about where he was subbing, and even raised some questions about his professionalism--which I can't speak to personally. I ultimately decided that I wasn't comfortable with an agent who wouldn't dive into my manuscript 100% and who didn't WANT to read everything his clients wanted to sell. He was upfront about not being editorial and he gave me his list of sales when I asked, but the more I thought about it the less confident I was that he would find a good home for the book. It also felt like he was taking on a lot of new clients (including acting clients) and wouldn't be able to give me the time I felt my 15% would warrant. I do not wish him ill at all, and I think there may be those out there who would be comfortable with how he works, but I was not one of them. It was so difficult to hear that he "got" my work and then to ultimately leave him, but there you have it. My advice is to ask super nitty-gritty questions about his level of involvement and his plans to sub before you sign with him.