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Thread: Potential future

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    figuring it all out
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    Potential future

    I have a villain with a dastardly plan, I also have a character describing what the plan may result in. I would like that description to be accompanied by visuals.

    Would I use parenthesis such as (POTENTIAL FUTURE), or would I use something like:


    Narrator (V.O.)
    The destruction would be unparalleled.

    A. The bomb explodes.

    B. Buildings are crumbled, the dead and dying are strewn through the city streets.


    The only thing I found in the screenwriting manual I am using is "series of shots", what if I only wanted to show the bomb exploding in one shot? That wouldn't work either.

    Thank you in advance.
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    I'm not entirely sure, but I might treat it like a flashback, except maybe call it a flash forward instead?

    So it would look like this:

                                        BEGIN FLASH FORWARD:
    A bomb explodes.
                       NARRATOR (V.O.)
             The destruction would be unparalleled.
                                        END FLASH FORWARD
    That's how I would do it, though like I said, I don't know for sure.
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    I think 'series of shots' works well enough. Though I'd lose the A, B, C listing and just have each image on a separate line. When it's over, you can have...

    The bomb explodes.

    Buildings crumble.


    JOHN, reeling from this.

    Just keep it nice and simple and, above all, very clear.
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