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Thread: Brenda Van Niekerk

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    Brenda Van Niekerk

    I purchased a Kindle "book" from this person and was dismayed to have purchased a two-page essay. I left a one-star review, and then checked to see what else she had posted. In May 2011, it appears she posted over 1000 Kindle "books" on a huge variety of topics. These range from short essays to books.

    My gut reaction is that she's "publishing" non-digital content -- but I don't have proof of that. Much of it is recent and very definitely not in public domain. I hope you guys will check out her list and see if you recognize anything there. If she is publishing content she doesn't have rights to, I hope she is stopped.

    I filed a complaint with Amazon.
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    It seems the new scam is to cut-and-paste content from other people's websites and then publish it as a Kindle "book". The person who published the Kindle ebook often has no right whatsoever to the content. Glad you complained!
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