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Thread: Abdominal Gunshot Wound Recovery

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    Abdominal Gunshot Wound Recovery

    For a WIP of mine (well, obviously...) there's a character who gets shot in the abdominal area... She's left to die (would it be possible to intentionally shoot in an attempt to avoid internal organs for her to simply [and painfully] bleed to death?), but is actually found not long after and taken to surgery. Supposing she survives this, how long would recovery take? I mean all the way from the wound healing to physical therapy (It's kind of relevant to the story that she can't do the things she was used to physically... she was very skilled at acrobatics and fighting, but now she can't do it because of pain from the wound... is that realistic? Would such wound leave her permanently impaled impared?)

    By the way, the character is around 18 years old and a female... Very good physical condition prior to (as mentioned above).

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