This morning I put my haystack of jumbled ideas for my first novel to the side and bashed out a quick short based loosely on the multiverse I'm creating.
The short is 1300 words and is the last conversation in a universe on the crux of death. The conversation is between the universe itself (the original universe, the one that spawned the first secondary universes that gave rise to the multiverse), and the thing which lives in the folds between universes.
The entire short is pure dialogue, with nary a 'he said' in sight.

In retrospect, the short is written in abstract, I think, in that both sides of the conversation are conducted by things which have neither consciousness nor voice. I've also been a bit ironic with some of the dialogue.

I've read it back to myself three times, changing it slightly each time. My questions are:
What tips do you have for writing pure dialogue?
Are there certain 'rules' to keep in mind?
What are the pitfalls of giving a metaphorical 'voice' to a non-sentient entity or thing?