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Thread: What is your memoir or biography about?

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    I am quite unlikely to ever write a memoir, as I have slipped far too much of my own life into my fiction. However, I have completed a biography of my late mother, a moderately well-known painter in her time, heavy with illustrations of her artwork. A labor of love, so to speak, and I was happy to get it finished before she passed away. I knew much of the story, of course, but learned more delving into the records and photos. Most importantly, it helped me understand her as an artist, something I had never really thought deeply about—she and her work were always just there, you know?

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    Just had to say that I love reading everyone's responses! This is why I love reading so much... so many unique experiences! And I'm really glad this post was started. :-)

    Years and years ago I had been on absolute write trying to get some help and feedback about my Father's memoirs, but after he passed away, I didn't have the heart to edit them too much and so I went with the self-pub route to ensure that his stories would remain in tact. I have enough for 3 volumes, but have already published the first volume of them that I have had the time to edit (for punctuation and typos and ensuring names got proper permissions, etc).

    My Father was a really unique man - his stories include things like his experience in the Soap Box Derby, stories from his service in the Korean War, and especially some stories about Roller Speed Skating which was a huge part of his life. He was a complete goofball and most of his stories resemble something from a cartoon, so I was lucky enough to commission a cartoonist to draw his book cover. :-)

    (If you wanna see the awesome cover, here is the link to the book:

    Thanks for listening! And good luck to all of you in your writing adventures!!! xoxo
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