This guy was one of my favorite authors, five or six years ago. But when he tweets watching the TV series Glee is like "stepping into a puddle of HIV," I've reached the point where I can no longer separate the author as a person from his work.

Here's one article about his mean-spirited comments:

The guy has also made crass remarks about the It Gets Better campaign (there may be a legitimate debate re. the project, but he's hardly illuminated the issues through his name-calling, or counter attack: "it doesnt get better.")

He doesn't like to label himself as gay or even bi to the media, but he lived with his longterm boyfriend for a period of time (still does?). But he seems hostile to the gay community, his refusal to self-label being part of that perhaps. Self-hating gays can be the worst enemy to the community, e.g. closeted religious leaders and elected officials.

Anyway, I'm curious about other people's take on this. Is Ellis just plain a jerk, or is he a jerk trying to scrape up any publicity he can get due to his dwindling career (a double jerk--I thought his last book was so-so anyway)

And on a higher level: Can you separate the work from the author, when the author's personal decisions/behavior are deplorable? One example that comes to mind is Virginia Woolf, who has been called anti-Semitic by some.